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Best-case is that the [legislative] budgets work in our favor, they increase Running Start allocation and the deficit is decreased to where we dont have to make reductions. I think well fall somewhere in the middle. According to Knight, there wont be any impact on tuition or Clarks Boschma Farms campus project, which are both set separately by the state. Still, layoffs are on the table. While Cook said he doesnt foresee instructor layoffs, he does anticipate belt-tightening for other unnamed expenditures in instruction. When cuts were made two years ago, Cook said the departments with the larger budgets saw larger reductions about 60 to 65 percent of the colleges budget is spent on instruction, so it bore more of the burden in terms of budget cuts. But avoiding future shortfalls will take more than cuts, Cook said. Knight said hes optimistic that enrollment will increase thanks to Clarks future culinary institute, the Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Applied Management degree and implementation of a guided pathways model of courses, which guides students into a more focused study plan. Diehl said the culinary and BASAM projects could each only attract 15 to 25 full-time students, but might draw in more. When you have really good programs, whether it be nursing or dental hygiene or culinary or BASAM, it piques peoples interests in the community, Diehl said. Theyre more likely to look at Clark as an option. Diehl also echoed Knights sentiment on Guided Pathways, which Diehl said will be installed over the next four years.

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